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The Intesia Group Overview

Solutions for successful Facility Management

The Intesia Group Holding GmbH specializes in international Facility-Management. Today we successfully supervise and manage:

  • over 1.500 facilities in Europe,
  • over 16 different property types,
  • an area of 6.200.000 square meters.

Our headquarters are located in the south of Germany, in Böblingen near Stuttgart. In addition, we are present in over ten European countries.

Our Intesia Method for a Perfect Balance between Costs, Quality, Risk and Environment

On your way to successful Facility Management, we analyse and evaluate step by step with our reliable Intesia Method, in order to find the best balance for you. In doing so, we always bear in mind the costs, quality, risk and environment and evaluate every aspect individually as well as in an overall context.

With this systematic approach we bring transparency to the Facility Management processes of our clients. We break down the rendered Facility Management services and their price precisely. Thus, we enable our clients to recognise so far hidden optimisation potentials and approach particularly promising improvement processes specifically.

Acting in the Clients Best Interest – independent of service providers

We concentrate on our core competence: the alignment, management and result protection of infrastructural, technical and commercial Facility Management. We do not carry out single services, but recommend the best service providers for every Facility Management measure, set benchmarks and monitor a smooth process. Unlike other Facility Management providers, we are completely independent of service provider interests in the particular fields of action. As a result, we can guarantee our clients objective and independent consulting and support. Your business objectives are the focus in all our actions. We are on your side.

Demand-Oriented Services for the Greatest Possible Flexibility

A further central difference to other Facility Management providers is the flexibility of our scope of service . Depending on individual requirements, we offer different steps of support: from pure consulting, support in sub-areas, to the complete management of all relevant processes and measures of Facility Management. Talk to us - we will prepare an individual offer for you, tailored precisely to your needs.